Editorial and commercial photographer based in Singapore, available worldwide.

Darkroom to digital, stills to motion, I don't want to stop learning.

And creating. 


I love colour. 

Did you know there are over 16 million possible shades of colour? I like to be different, and if I were to be a colour it'd be off-tangy, mildly teal, blue-black purple. 

I strive for vibrancy in my images, both in the technical and creative aspects. It's not just about resolution and pixels, but an attention to detail and meticulous retouching. On the creative side, I'm a big fan of artificial lighting, where I can control the mood and tone of the image. Rounding it all off with some colour grading produces a stellar image. 


Email Address: ted@tedchenphoto.com

Phone Number: +65 8782-5300




One of my favourites of 2017 - a stunning cover image for DJ Shan Wee's book "99 Rules for New Dads." Not only did it only hold a special connection because my son was also just born, but the creative concept was bold and the editors weren't afraid to take a risk. 

Collaboration brings out the best in us. The idea behind this photo - and won a photo contest - was actually suggested by the professional basketballer himself after seeing similar creative shoots in the NBA. No way we would've gotten this amazing shot without working together.

Personal work is so important, and I couldn't have been prouder of my "Singapore Sexy" series. I wanted to challenge the idea of the Singaporean identity. That everyday items (even plain, boring ones) also play a significant part on how we define ourselves. Check out the whole series of photos.